Currently needed

I really need a waterproof coat, here one classic in beige from Zara and other in camo green with a envelope style from Etoile Isabel Marant. The Zara one drive me crazy.  [Click on the pictures for go to the products*

High neck zipped jacket. Just need to be mine
These in concret is from Martin Margiela because i love withe stitching  over black knit.

Black Nike shorts with perforated detalis. 

And last but not least a fashion dilemma... Monday or Velo suede.

Just a Balenciaga dilemma a classic dilemma. And i need to say, the work one is in my mind. 



If one day my legs get fed for walk.

Hermès pour Citroën 2CV (2008)




Actually i feel really inspired by all the collection of Phoebe Philo for CÉLINE spring summer 2013 mood. All these atmosphere of easy luxe who envelope all the collection overwhelms me. I knew about it in 2013 but i don´t remember what's exactly in my mind for these time, anyway actually these obsession with these amazing furkenstock makes me come back to last season "Tom Boy de luxe" thinking in satin shorts, kind of crepé sweaters baggy sleeves, the perfect summer satin suit, slouch pants... all in black (Obviously) with leather straps on my wrists.

This gonna be my s/s 2014 definitely. [PART OF MY HEADER]

To you enter in situation i´m talkin about all these inspiration theme at the end of july because i hate summer... these alo explain why my summer inspirations are so... we gonna say unusual. Turtle necks. Why not?

Please don´t judge me, if i suffer a sunstroke, as if...

Hi i am P.... H...... and i start this blog 5 years ago (in december) but i just reset and start it again, in english (i´m spanish). And also i am a man. But you will go discovering.
If my grammar, conjugations, construction of sentences, blah blah blah,  isnt perfect.. I don´t give a fuck